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Monday, February 15, 2016


If we didn't have to make decisions life would be easy. So why would someone take on the responsibility of making decisions that affect other people? 

Tough or complicated decisions can be a nightmare. The backlash over decisions can be over whelming. Transparency is essential.

Those making the decision will always be accused of 'not listening' by those who disagree with the decision. Ultimately a decision needs to be made. Is there always a possibility of a compromise, meet half way, or give and take? Is it always black and white or different shades of grey? Shall the two ever be one?

Will the rationale of  'Short term pain for long term gain' play into the decision making? Does that result in what is the best for the majority? What about the minority? Perceived constituents over the whole of the entity. 

Do you look around and see how others are doing it or do you start from scratch and develop your own? What works for others may not work for you. One size does not fit all. What is the decision based on?

We learn from our failures. Our decisions may have led to those failures. When the decision could lead to the failure of others one hopes there is enough all round trust to make that decision. 'Failure is not an option.' Is failure best made by making the decision or by not making the decision?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Decide!

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  1. Decisions need to be capable of being implemented, whether on a personal or organisational level. You do, therefore, need to be committed to the decision personally, and be able to persuade others of its merits. Good day ;)