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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Void

When I created this blog my intention was to regularly blog/post relevant information or my thoughts on things. As one can see I have been very lacks at that. Why?

I do find my time these days very full and stretched to the limits. But, they say if you want to do something you will find the time. Well I found the time to make excuses.

I do do a lot of posting/tweeting and sharing/retweeting on Facebook and  Twitter. Is that sufficient? It is sharing information.But does it show my thoughts on it or my understanding of it?

Maybe that is it? We have become a society of quick actions, short attention spans and glance reading. I see an article, read the first couple of paragraphs and say to myself "That is interesting". In some cases I don't even finish reading the article and save it Diigo or favour it or like it to go back to later. Do I? Did I fully understand what I just read? Did I take the time to dig deeper and if necessary to do further research? Is it that there is so much out there to take in that we just glimpse at what is offered?

Or maybe is it that I want my writings to be of substance with many links to accompanying articles to back up my writing. Are those my thoughts or just rewriting someone else?. Maybe I would be better off just writing a sentence or two or a paragraph.  Would you still read them? Is the point of my writing to get verification from others or just a means of relaying my thoughts?

This is getting to deep for me.

I hope to rejoin the blogging world. I guess we will just have to wait and see the results.