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Saturday, January 23, 2016

What We Do With Voices

Dec 11, 2010 , I wrote this statement in my blog post Your Words My Words "Someday I may write that original tweet or compose that thought provoking article. For now My Words maybe Your Words but they are Good Words." Unfortunately this still pretty much runs true. My blogging has almost disappeared.

There has been many days I said to myself "you need to blog something". Whether it came down to lack of time or lack of inspiration nothing happened. This past week I joined an exchange on Twitter between @sheilaspeaking and @dougpete about the article A Teacher. A Committee Member & A Parent Walk Into a Blog ...

The use of social media does allow people to connect all over the world. Whether they are similar minded or at opposite ends of the spectrum they now have a voice and an audience they may not have had before. You hope their voice is an informed voice. 

Education is something that almost everyone has an opinion on. So whose voice do we listen to? The quiet or the loud? The few or the many? The learner or the expert? The reformer, the innovator or the status quo? Do we move too quickly or too slowly? Do we have knee jerk reactions to adopt the 'flavour of the month' or stay with the tried and proven but outdated? 

As Trustees and our Education partners we need to hear and listen to all voices no matter where they come from. Do we or can we respond/act to them all. Unfortunately we can't. The old saying 'in trying to please everyone you please no one' comes into play. Did we learn some thing from those voices? Probably yes, no matter how minute it may have been or even subconsciously.

If you are hearing voices, listen, they maybe are your own. Input always needed and welcome. Whether you have an audience or not, blogging or social media gives you an outlet. Express yourself.

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