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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Character of Knowledge

I am bad for this, remembering only part(s) or some details of things. Is it because I glance as oppose to read or hear but don't listen (or is that listen but don't hear)?

This clip from Good Will Hunting was shown to myself and fellow trustees at either a trustee orientation session or an open session shortly after I began my first term as trustee by our Director of Education @teddohe. It resonated with me then and still does. Which character am I?

I have always wanted to know what was going on. This led me to be part of our school's Accommodation Review which led me to become part of the School Council and eventually Chair, to member of PIC and finally (I hope it is not the end) to become a Trustee. Information and knowledge are vital components of everything you do. Knowledge comes from experience and information and learning. What you do with this knowledge is critical to all.

I struggle with all the knowledge I have obtained. In this techie & social media society one can become overwhelmed with information. How one deciphers and correlates this information determiners your thoughts. These thoughts are often stuck in my mind as I stumble to share them in a meaningfully way with others. I don't want to regurgitate what someone else has said, even though at times it can't be said any better. What good is knowledge if you don't use it or share it?

I even hinted at similar thoughts back in 2010 with Your Words. My Words. or in July with The Void . It is a common thread through many of my posts.

Which character am I?   As I begin my second term as an AMDSB Trustee this is one area I hope to improve on.  Communication is vital for one's success but more importantly the success of others.  

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  1. Great to see/read you back at your blog, Robert! I enjoyed the movie clip.. one of my favourite movies too. Keep on your path of learning... I trust you will use and act on the knowledge and insight you gain even if you can't always communicate and share it. All the best in the new term!