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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trustee Choice

Every time I start to write a blog on this subject, I feel like I am about to shoot myself in the foot. So be it ! "There is only one way to avoid criticism (failure) do nothing, say nothing, be nothing." (Aristotle)

In business and employment usually the best rise to the top. That is not always so in politics and that includes School Board Trustees. Eight Characteristics of The Innovative Leader

There is quite the hierarchy involved in education plus all the research and pedagogy to determine how and what is taught. Who's Responsible for Your Child's Education ? The roles and responsibilities of Trustees are changing and at times just how to fulfill them is a challenge or staying within the guidelines.

Who should be a Trustee? What qualifications should they process? A quick glance. The Agenda: Overlook Your Trustee At Your Peril Why are they important?

There is some things in this article I agree with and some I don't.  How Can We Get Better School Board Trustees? A timely article. Appoint Trustees or become a committee of council, look at the disasters in the American system. Education becomes political. Is being a trustee a job, maybe the commitment?

Trustees More Than Human Shields  I have thought the same at times and also that trustees are window dressing when it serves the Ministry or Board. Would decisions go over any better if made centrally as opposed to locally? Where or how would the line of communication and dialogue take place? Would it be more top down than it is now?

I have no educational background. No business background. No degrees. I have a passion. I don't have an agenda besides the best education system. No other political aspiration (at least planned). I am acclaimed this election so this is not a campaign speech.

Should you be a Trustee if you have kids in the system? Is there no better reason? Could your decisions be swayed by the affect on them? Should former educators be Trustees? Bed fellows? Who knows the system better but maybe old school?  What about business people? Would dollars be more important than education? What about politicians? Are Trustees politicians? Maybe but no party politics even thought the system is at the whim of what ever party is in power. Should you have a degree in sociology or psychology? Teachers are expected to be everything so why not Trustees? If Board Staff cannot explain and the merits of a program or a strategy or their implementations, are they good? Where does the expertise and knowledge lie?

Anyone can become a Trustee but should they? Four Qualities of People Who Change the World

Be informed. Be ready. It's All In Your Hands  (Site added to post Oct 19/14)

"Engage Inspire Innovate.....Always Learning" Is not just for students but also parents, teachers, administrators, staff and Trustees.

Have I shot myself in the foot or enlightened myself?

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