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Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Glut of Overwhelming

A while ago I posted the picture (l) on Facebook with the comment “‪My bedside
reading library is growing. Need to get to it.” The photo (r) could be added too
with a similar comment, how ever I have read some of these.

The amount of information and therefore knowledge that is out there is over-
whelming. There are many more books I would like to add to my library but if I
can’t get around to reading them what is the purpose. Show? To be honest I
usually fall asleep 15 minutes after sitting down with a book. Much the same
can be said to the number of articles I have bookmarked/tagged  from social
media. These however also fall prey to different problems. Graze or skim reading,
Skim Reading is the New Normal or the butterfly defect. Education is Not a
Question of Belief. This post is guilty of these (probably most of mine are).
These two mentioned articles could be cause for their own posts.

The question I ask myself “If or when I get around to doing all this reading am I
able to comprehend and absorb therefore learn from all that lays before me?”
Or feel “I have forgotten ½ of what I’ve learned.” Some would say if I actually
learned it I won’t have forgotten it. Maybe there is truth to that. There is a line
of conversation these day in Education, “what is education and Learning?” Are
students learning or just memorizing what they are being taught?

The amount of information out there creates another problem for me. I keep
looking for more and then become frustrated with my failure to accomplish
the initial task of reading the information let alone learning. A true benefit of
learning is sharing that knowledge. If nothing else through my posts if I am
unable to share my knowledge, at least I am showing my path of learning.
(Ironic that is the name of my Blog)

Maybe I need to follow some of this advice, How To Stop Wasting Your Life,
and tackle that Glut. As I write this I sit in front of the TV, unfortunately it is on.
As I now publish, it is off.

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