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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Leadership Cometh

Do you choose to be a leader or does leadership choose you or does it happen by default? To begin with, we all might have different opinions on what is a leader or what is leadership.

Can you be a leader without leadership or have leadership without being a leader? I have stated this before that politics, no matter what level, is one of the few areas that one can rise to the top without qualifications and knowledge unlike in the business and professional worlds. (Sometimes I wonder about that too)

Here are some common saying about leaders:

'Leaders surround themselves with good people.' Does that make you a good leader or a person with a good choice of who to choose? Where does the leadership come from?

'Leaders inspire others.'  'Leaders let others grow.' These two traits go hand in hand. They give you the freedom and opportunity and desire to advance and thrive.

'Leaders have a vision.' This vision is concise and clear to the others around them. The vision is the goal.

'Leaders are good communicators.' Clear, concise, understandable. They are also good listeners. They don't just hear to respond, they listen.

9 Reasons That Make Good Employees Quit

We all strive to be good leaders and show good leadership in what we do. Unfortunately, some people are better than others but that shouldn't stop us from trying. Unfortunately, this quote comes back to haunt me when I reflect on my leadership. "People rise to their level of incompetence." I hope I recognize that before this happens to me even when we strive to do better.

I believe this graphic summarizes things quite well. (not an endorsement)

                      Can Leadership Cometh within all of us?

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