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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reflection of Thoughts II: The Links

I posted Reflections of Thoughts on the 28th putting some of my views/questions about the current Education sector labour issues in Ontario on paper. This post has links to various articles. Is this a battle of &/or for the past, the present & the future? I am maybe restating too much here.

Ontario's Education Act

When PTDs failed, Boards where left to negotiate contracts. Here is the Act that sets the parameters.
Putting Students First Act: Bill 115

The Act it contradicts? Labour Relations Act 1995

The OSSTF. The ETFO. The OECTA. The OPSBA. The OCSTA . The Ministry of Education . Yours to visit to decipher their views & stand.

The deal that is the framework. OECTA - Memorandum of Understanding Q & A

Some views of the deal. Is there a "Me Too' Clause? OCSTA: Bad Policies Do not Put Students First

There is no ETFO deal to compare. Stop Bill 115

I cannot find the link stating "EFTO will fine member $500/day who do not follow Union's job action". Does this say something?

Some Boards had deals with OSSTF. OCDSB & AMDSB One was ratified (?) UGDSB, 2 voted down & others not voted on. So nothing 'official' to compare. Comment "Fool Me Once" OSSTF District 18

 A little bit of labour history. The Peace Couldn't Last

 A look back and ahead. Cohn: School Strikes Aren't the Apocalypse....

 The contradiction of interpretation. Did Broten "Blatantly" Lie on 'The Agenda'? 

 What people think of Extra-curriculars.Education "Extras" are Really Essentials (Full Version)

What became of this report? Has anything changed? Report of the Minister's Advisory Group on the Provision of Co-instructional Activities 2001

Is it time? Implications? School Boards Group Try to Clarify the Role of Teachers

Trying to make sense of it all! People For Education: Ontario's Labour Dispute...

What some Boards did. UCDSB "Who Is In Charge of the Schoolhouse?"

Should Ontario be watching/concerned? Michigan: A Wake-up Call

The number of resources/articles out there are limitless.  Different messengers, different messages. Where are we heading?

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  1. After posting this CUPE & the Ministry reached a tentative agreement.