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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Past Present Future

Doing some filing and came across these 2 speeches/presentations I did during an Accommodation Review (ARC) that involved my children's school in 2008/2009. Reading these over made me reflect on what I knew or thought I knew then, the Past. The Present, is what I know now and how my views or opinions have changed or not and the knowledge I now have. How I will use my knowledge will be put to the test as a new Accommodation Review within my Board begins in the fall, is the Future.

I presented 40 Years Ago at the first ARC meeting (Oct) involving my children's school and 4 other schools. I sat as a parent on the Committee. ARCs were new to me and much research was done in preparation. Perception has a large influence on how people see & interpret things. Would I change much if I was to rewrite this speech, No. I will stand by my last statement: 'All I ask is my fellow committee members and the public are open-minded and receptive to ideas and suggestions to make the best recommendation or recommendations to the board, and that the board seriously wrestles with their ultimate decision concerning the future of these schools.'

Process, Policy & Procedure was presented to the Board & Trustees after the Administration presented the final Accommodation Review Committee Report to the Trustees (May/June). Much occurred during the ARC and at times it seemed to have a life of its own. Again, would I change much if I was to rewrite this speech, No. Perception means everything, Even when all information is presented it is hard to change what one may perceive. I am guilty of that.

Now I sit on the other side of the table, a Trustee. Will I eat the words I have spoken? No. These words and the knowledge acquired will aid me in making sure the ARC process is as transparent as it can be and all information is presented. The passion one has for their child's school and education will result in many questions being asked and many answers being giving. Putting all the answers and information together will result in the decision.

Will the process be easy? Will the process appear flawed? Will the decision be easy? Will people understand the rationale behind any decision?  Will the decision please all? We will wait and see. 

I will wait and see if I can live up to my expectation and yours. Words &/or actions? I am sure that I will be returning to this issue.

These are my words and thoughts and may or may not Represent those of the AMDSB.

A Note: I did not go into details of the actual ARC and its decision as it would go for ever. If you are interested go to 2008/2009 ARC  .After this ARC's decision the Ministry revised its Accommodation Review guidelines as thus the AMDSB's,  now Policy # 15

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