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Monday, February 28, 2011

Classroom Technology

I am the first one to admit that I am not up on all the technology that is available these days to use in the education of students. Whether it be the Ipad, Iphone, Skype, Livescribe, IWB, the list is endless. There are a few quotes that come to mind about the use of technology in the classroom: "The medium is the Message.", "Are the tools enhancing the learning process or just fluff?", "Don't use technology for the sack of technology." ,  "Technology Enhances but Never Substitutes" No, I am not against using technology in the classroom. I am just concerned that it is being used effectively. I am not in the classroom, I have used (at times even understand) very little of the technology. Someday maybe I will visit @hdurnin while she Skypes in her classroom or read & comment to one of @Grade1 's classroom blogs, watch a @Nunavut_Teacher 's Prezi, read @dougpete 's 'The Best of Ontario's Educators', be provoked by a @courosa or @gcouros or @joe_bower blog article, the examples can go on. As you can see education is not just for those in the classroom.

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  1. While getting caught up on my reading of blogs, I came across this post. Please know you are welcome anytime into our classroom! My students are great teachers and would be happy to share how they use technology in their learning.