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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Read this article on Twitter today Canadian Education: We're in Need of a Good Controversy or Two by Stephen Hurley and thought I would blog about it. First off we do not need to behave like the Americans and reform by creating a "crisis" and try to destroy the system in order to change it. What Controversy do you want to create? Is the education antiquated? Slow to adapt to new ideas? Stressing teaching over learning? I  have stated before Reform  and by many others education needs to create Life Long Learners. So whether education is going through a reformation or a transformation or a revolution or an evolution the stakeholders are the students. A starting point could be a simple as 4 Ways to Transform Your School Culture  by Tanya Roscorla. The sharing of best practices has been made simpler by the use of Twitter and the Internet. Use it. These two articles may sum things up the best Reforming Through Our Strengths by Chris Wejr and For the Love of Learning by Will Richardson. I don't know if we need a controversy but what we need a progressive movement forward.

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